A word with... Edith Krüger

A word with... Edith Krüger

Attorney, data protection officer, supervisory board chairwoman Edith Krüger fights on many fronts and knows the dangers to data.

We asked our CEO Robert to describe Edith Krüger, our Supervisory Board member, in three words. Robert then leaned back in his chair and thought, then responded to our question, "Trustworthy. Integer. Experienced." Edith Krüger took the big plunge into the sea of self-employment in the winter of 2011 and founded Krüger Law Firm. Word of her abilities quickly spread, and not only in Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse. Previously, she had worked for many renowned companies, such as Creditreform, Telekom and EOS. For more than ten years now, the fully qualified lawyer and her steadily growing team have been advising companies, from SMEs to corporate groups. It can therefore be said that with Edith Krüger you are working with a highly qualified expert, because she speaks the "language of companies". Because of this, but also to guarantee the progress and the shaping of the start-up, which QUANTUM still is, Edith Krüger is a committed member of the supervisory board and strives with all participants to lead QUANTUM cyber lab AG into the harbor of success. When asked about the cooperation, Edith Krüger replies: "It is a lot of fun and the decision-making processes are also fast. Precisely because of the flexibility and commitment on all sides."

The challenge in data protection

People remain the biggest weak point in data protection. Although companies have also recognized their dangers in the course of digitalization, the number of cyberattacks is nevertheless rising. And with it, the risk of data protection breaches. One of the further challenges will be to ensure that data protection fully takes hold in companies and that legal, but also sometimes vague, requirements of the GDPR are implemented in practice.

What does the new EU Whistleblower Directive mean for companies and how can Krüger Law Firm and QUANTUM cyber lab work together?

First and foremost, the new whistleblower directive means more work for companies. And an increased risk of fines. The aim of the directive, which was adopted on December 16, 2019 and should be implemented by companies by December 17, 2021, is to protect whistleblowers, i.e. people who inform about a malpractice, and to handle the information carefully. For this purpose, Krüger Law Firm has a practical, secure and, more importantly, compliant solution in its arsenal, namely the iWhistle tool. At the same time, clients are co-supervised by both Krüger Law Firm and QUANTUM and receive data privacy training.

What other compliance challenges will companies face in the future?

To cut a long story short: companies are facing even more legal obligations, if only due to the new Supply Chain Act and the draft of the Association Sanctions Act.

What Edith appreciates about Robert

In some cases, the behavior of the management board to the supervisory board is tense. One also cannot and must not deny that especially during a start-up phase there are noises and it can already get loud. This is exactly what Edith Krüger appreciates about Robert, "even when it gets loud, Robert remains calm and that's how you manage to resolve a conflict". Edith Krüger is also impressed by Robert's leadership style, which, according to Edith Krüger, is characterized by courage and commitment, and by the way he makes decisions. Edith Krüger was also deeply impressed by the fact that Robert called her even on his way to the operating room to discuss issues with her.

We thank Edith Krüger for her time and expertise! Do you have any questions about this article or about the products and services of QUANTUM cyber lab AG? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be happy to answer your questions and advise you in detail.

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