The History of Cyber Security 2000-now

The History of Cyber Security 2000-now

Welcome to the here - the 2000s, new threats, open source, 0MOMAR, Yahoo, WannaCry, New Zealand  

The 21st century is the century of the Internet, ever since the bell rang which ushered in the new millennium, the Internet found its way into homes. And so cybercriminals had thousands and thousands of new targets. And in one fell swoop, there was even more data to capture. Thus the great age of cybercrime dawned. As early as 2001, cybercriminals presented a new way of gaining access to a device and making the data on it their own. Whereas before you had to take the "Steps of Doom", i.e. you received a mail with an attachment which you had to download and execute in order to be infected with a virus, from now on it was enough to go to an infected page in order to catch malware. Instant messaging services also became the focus of attackers. They successfully attacked the services, which resulted in worms that could spread via the Internet Chat Relay. Attackers also developed zero-day attacks. As a result, viruses were able to exploit gaps in the security infrastructure even more devastatingly and, ultimately, antivirus programs too often stood no chance against such attacks. Since it was not possible for the software to compare the codes, the detection rate dropped significantly.  

Already in the early years of the 2000s, cyberattacks became significantly more professional. They were planned better and bigger and financed on a large scale. However, as in any comic book, heroes were not long in coming to finish off the bad guys. Still in 2000, the OpenAntivirus Project, the first open-source antivirus engine, was abandoned. In the following year, a hero from this open-source pool was singled out: ClamAV. This was also distributed commercially. This antivirus, unique in its kind at the time, was backed by another innovation: operating system security. This meant cyber security ex works. Another layer of protection, which is regularly updated, secure firewalls, always up-to-date antivirus software and secure user management. Also, smartphones came up more and more meant protection followed very soon for these devices as well.  

Soon the 2010s dawned. These were still under the sign of the attackers. The attacks became more fatal and even affected the national security of individual countries. Companies lost millions, whether from the attacks or from repairing the damage. Creativity and complexity increased with each attack. Here is a small timeline of incidents:  

2012: 0XOMAR, a hacker from Saudi Arabia, released data on about 400,000 credit cards.  

2013: into 2014, attackers broke into Yahoo databases and gained access to over 3 billion user accounts. Yahoo was fined $35 million in the wake of the attack.  

2017: WannaCry appears. And for the first time, the world woke up to the issue of ransomware. WannaCry infected and encrypted 230,000 computers in a single day.  

2019: New Zealand stock market forced to temporarily close by multiple DDoS attacks.  

But cyber security grew with its tasks and became more effective against digital attacks. But attackers followed suit, expanding their arsenals to include multi-vector attacks but also social engineering. To counteract this, cyber security also became increasingly perfrider - multi-factor authentication is now a standard feature of the vast majority of companies. NBA, or Network Behavioural Analysis, is also an integral part of cyber security. In this analysis, malicious files are found that deviate from the other files due to anomalies. Also, the automation of the threat analysis and automated updates, as well as real-time protection, background guard, sandboxing and other helpful means is the cyber security in the technical battle is not inferior.  

We can be curious about what will happen in the next few years and what will happen on both sides.  

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