How IT forensics becomes a powerful compliance tool

How IT forensics becomes a powerful compliance tool

Imagine a highly responsible role becomes available in your company - a long-time colleague applies for the job. In the last few meters, an external competitor wins the race due to his experience in the position in demand and is hired as the internal competitor's direct supervisor. How does the competitor react? He quits. And joins the competition. In addition to the loss of a respected colleague, there is now also uncertainty about what will happen to the data on his company laptop and on his company phone. 

Is the use of IT forensics legal at all?

Short answer: Yes. However, under the following aspects: the devices that are forensically examined must be the property of the client. Private devices may only be forensically examined by us if the owner of the device gives his consent or if the devices have been confiscated by German law enforcement authorities. 

What data can be produced or what can be proven with IT forensics?

Again, the most striking of all answers: Almost all. Besides self-deleted files, it is even possible to trace how data was moved. We can find out in which folders the data saved, whether you wereit was copied to USB sticks or moved completely, which websites were visited, what was done there, when the device was used and what was done during this time. It is even possible to reconstruct what was done in a foreign system, in which the computer was logged in.

If you have read the article carefully, you will certainly remember what our introduction in this article was: the example of an employee who applies for a higher position in the company and does not get the job because of nuances, and then goes to the competition. This example is not fictional. Quite some time ago, a client approached us with this problem. On his last day at the company, nearly 20 other people handed in their resignations and immediately signed with the competition. With the help of IT forensics, it was possible to trace whether and which data had possibly fallen into the hands of the competition. If you have further questions about IT forensics, or cyber security in general, please visit our website or write to us at

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