QUANTUM cyber lab gears up for the future

QUANTUM cyber lab gears up for the future

Thomas Poschen succeeds Robert Ehlert

The management board of QUANTUM cyber lab AG is changing. Thomas Poschen replaces Robert Ehlert as CEO and takes over as managing director with immediate effect. The supervisory board has also been reconfigured with supervisory board chairman Dr. Oliver Maaß, a lawyer at Eversheds Sutherland (Germany), as well as entrepreneur and lawyer Christian Legros and former supervisory board member Gerd Bokämper.

Thomas Poschen

Quantum Cyber Lab - Thomas Poschen

With Thomas Poschen, QUANTUM cyber lab AG has been able to gain a results-oriented and at the same time likeable board member. The 50-year-old, who lives and works in the Schorndorf area, has been a permanent employee of QUANTUM cyber lab since June 2022. Previously, he worked for QUANTUM in an advisory capacity, helping to reorganize sales and set an important course in marketing. Poschen had already been working with Senior Cyber Defense Architect Morgan Alexander's team on QUANTUM's first major customer project since last year. So he knows QUANTUM well and is excited about the products and the team. "I am incredibly grateful to be able to work with such a great team and continue the future of QUANTUM together. Now we have to make QUANTUM better known and convince even more customers of our services in the process," says Thomas Poschen. Poschen's to-do list includes several priorities, including the expansion and creation of branch offices of QUANTUM cyber lab AG in Switzerland, Turkey and the UAE.

Morgan Alexander

Quantum Cyber Lab - Morgan Alexander

Poschen receives active support from Morgan Alexander. Morgan Alexander, born 1984, Senior Cyber Defense Architect and Head of Operations at QUANTUM cyber lab AG. With Alexander, QUANTUM cyber lab succeeded in building a comprehensive cyber security portfolio to offer its customers an all-encompassing security package. A native Californian, Alexander spent nearly 20 years working for the U.S. Department of Defense in a variety of positions, including Cryptologic Technician. Since 2018, the U.S. native has been living in Germany and was employed by several well-known companies as a system administrator prior to joining QUANTUM cyber lab. In April 2021, he finally joined the newly founded QUANTUM cyber lab AG as Chief of Cyber Forensics. "Nothing works without Morgan," jokes Thomas Poschen, explaining further, "the expertise and ambition he brings to the table are important in moving QUANTUM forward. Morgan has so many ideas for future products and services that you have to slow him down from time to time."

With the personnel decisions now made, QUANTUM cyber lab AG is positioning itself more broadly for the future, and the good news is not slowing down. Already in the first few days of Poschen's work within QUANTUM, it was possible to generate new orders and thus also to position QUANTUM more strongly. Also, the long planned awareness training will now be available for QUANTUM customers very soon.

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