May we introduce, SOCWISE!

May we introduce, SOCWISE!

QUANTUM cyber lab AG and the Hungarian SOC service provider enter a joint partnership.

There are meetings that are long, tough and exhausting and you remember them, if then only by looking at the minutes or your own notes. And then there are meetings where you realize that there is "spark", where you think it's a shame when there is nothing left to discuss, or the next meeting is waiting.

"It's nice to see both sides and both teams getting along so well," said Morgan, our Head of Cyber Forensics & Operations. The first meeting between SOCWISE and QUANTUM, took place at our premises in Schorndorf. Via webcam, Robert, CEO of QUANTUM, also participated in the meeting. The topics of conversation were diverse, from the introduction of both companies, the classic questions of how can two companies benefit from each other and especially what do both sides expect.

What does SOCWISE do

SOCWISE provides reliable security monitoring that comprehensively informs and logs security breaches, data leaks and/or data losses. The Security Operation Center of our Hungarian friends includes a special combination of various technology tools, management and investigation of incidents in your security structure. With this, SOCWISE addresses a major issue that is a major challenge for building a SOC: namely, that for the implementation, usually several tools are connected to the system, and this also incurs costs, plus the required professionals. SOCWISE offers exactly that, removing many hurdles for companies. Here is a summary of SOCWISE:

  • Next Generation SOC
  • SOCWISE offers a service tailored to your needs
  • The SOC complies with EU directives, GDPR, ISO 27001 & PCI-DSS.
  • The SOC makes use of the most advanced machine learning & AI capabilities of leading cyber security tools
  • SOCWISE provides full visibility of events, logs and also user behavior
  • Vulnerability Management
  • CTI Service & Consulting
  • SOCWISE also offers an on-site service

In conclusion, SOCWISE is a unique solution for the industrial environment (OT).

SOC Summit in Munich and digital

The Security Operations Center Summit Budapest, held for the first time in 2019, has quickly made a name for itself in the cybersecurity community as an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. With more than 150 international attendees at the first event (even though it wasn't supposed to be international at all), it immediately became one of the most important information security events in the region. It was only logical to expand the event internationally for the second time, and although the pandemic forced the organizers to take a year off, SOC Summit 2021 managed to take advantage of the rapid advancement of digital channels and become a huge success as a completely virtual event.

This year, we will also be part of this Summit, in Munich and in the digital round. A special focus will be on Robert and Morgan. Robert will be giving a presentation on "How Criminal Hacker Organizations Build Internet Threats in Enterprises" on the first day of the Summit, April 28, and will later join Morgan in a panel discussion.

Core SOC Summit dates:

Start: April 28/29, 9 a.m.
Address: April 28, Einsteinstrasse 174, Munich, online on April 29
Cost: Participation in the Summit is free of charge.
Link to registration:

We are looking forward to a great and fruitful collaboration and especially to meet the rest of the SOCWISE team in Munich.

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