Trust is good, control is better

Trust is good, control is better

How to prevent hackers from infiltrating a company

A few weeks ago we talked about inside perpetrators in our blogs. As a reminder an inside perpetrator only becomes a threat during their professional life. Opposite of these individuals is the Black Hat hacker. For many people Black Hat is the buzzword to deal with cyber security, whether you know the term from TV series or movies or from the press. The Black Hat Hacker is the nightmare of all users, companies, because he only wants one thing: to cause damage. Steal data. And he can strike anywhere. Be it through a cyber attack or by getting hired by companies. But how can the latter be prevented? Through a background check. 

How black-hat hackers operate. 

Data privacy has "complicated" the hiring process. Whereas in earlier years it was common for job applications to clarify queries about the job with the former company, nowadays, fortunately, such a thing is dishonest and, more importantly, punishable by law. Application documents must be treated confidentially, as they contain highly confidential information. Black hats make use of this fact: they adorn themselves with other people's feathers, invent school reports and work references, even a fictional person. But first things first. Black hats rarely work alone, most often they have joined together in a collective and have defined goals. Targets here are companies or people, which are to be attacked. Mostly, the companies are larger firms, but also SMEs get more into the focus of attackers. Once the targets have been defined, a fictionalized personality is invented, this alias is used to follow company websites, and as soon as the company advertises a position, for example in IT, the biography is bent in such a way that the person is at least invited to an interview. There then comes the freestyle, to dazzle HR and specialist department so that one must be hired and also that then occurs. Afterwards it goes then usually fast, the Black Hat hands in falsified documents such as certificate of good conduct, identity card and begins with the work and disappears then simply. And with him data. 

Why are black hats rarely identified? 

Again, the answer is the European data protection directives, but also that you trust employees. Finally, one can badly with a certificate of good conduct, which looks genuine report to the Federal Office of Justice and ask whether the document is genuine. If identity documents or certificates of good conduct look false or are only photocopied, the new employee may of course be asked to produce the original documents. However, attackers know how to forge documents to a high standard and they also know that at least companies take a second look at the documents to check whether they are genuine. The same applies to information about the place of residence. No one from HR will go to an address without suspicion to check if the employee lives there. And of course black hats know what a company wants to hear. 

How QUANTUM helps 

Thanks to our experts we can make employees transparent for companies. Means we can bring for example the proof if the identity of an employee is real, means the employee lives under the given address, how do his social media channels look like. Likewise, we can also prove whether a certificate of good conduct is genuine or whether the employee was or still is a member of a criminal organization. 

If you or your company is interested in a background check or suspect that one of your employees is a black-hat, contact us today and download our PDF  to get a more detailed overview of what we can offer you. Our staff is here to help and advise you on all aspects of cyber security. In case of emergency we are also available 24/7. 

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