Why compliance is a must-have in 2022

Why compliance is a must-have in 2022

Compliance is no longer just a buzzword

First, the question should be answered, what does compliance mean? Compliance means, conformity to rules. No more, no less. But which rules are meant? A good compliance guide is made up of laws and comprehensible corporate guidelines. Each of us can think of at least five guidelines, which are recorded in such guidelines. Here are five examples 

  • Visiting pornographic sites with company-provided materials is prohibited 
  • Betrayal of secrets to third parties is prohibited 
  • Accepting gifts or personal benefits is prohibited 
  • Equal treatment of each employee 
  • Loyalty 

Such policies are rounded out with penalties should one or more policies be violated. And with increasingly stringent laws, companies need more help developing and implementing compliance. 

What does compliance-as-a-service encompass? 

As written earlier, laws are getting stricter and stricter. Therefore QUANTUM cyber lab supports its customers to establish a compliance which is GDPR compliant and also withstands further data protection guidelines. In addition, we strengthen your compliance with insurance policies specifically designed for cyber hazards. In this way, you provide proof of due diligence. Which according to many industries, worldwide, are standard. And can also have on-demand reports and activity logs generated that way. This allows you to prove possible violations within the workforce, or in the best case, prove that there have been no incidents. You also get tools through our Compliance-as-a-Service that keep you up to date with your risk management. In addition, we work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce the risks to your business. All of this serves to ensure that their compliance environment can not only be maintained, but also become part of their normal operations. 

How laws and compliance go hand in hand? 

In Germany, there is no legal definition for the term compliance. However, Germany does have the DCGK, DCGK stands for German Company Governance Code. This code summarizes key legal requirements for listed companies. In addition, the DCGK contains suggestions and recommendations for the management. However, these are not binding. The DCGK is contrasted with the Governance Code. This was developed by entrepreneurs and others specifically for family businesses. Different laws apply to business with foreign partners. In Great Britain, for example, the UK Bribary Act applies, which provides a legal framework for compliance. The US-American counterpart to the UK Bribary Act is the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, abbreviated FCPA. 

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