Digital forensics

Digital forensics

75% of German companies are affected by cyber attacks - and each incident costs an average of 4.25 million euros. Such consequences are particularly fatal for small and medium-sized companies.

QUANTUM cyber lab AG not only supports you preventively in the fight against criminal hackers - we also help during an incident. 

Our offer: Digital forensics

Have you been the victim of a cyber attack? We are able to help you with digital forensics.

For businesses, digital forensics is an important part of responding to a criminal incident. Forensic investigators identify and record all details of the incident as evidence for law enforcement. The aim is to identify, secure and contain damage to a company's IT systems.

Our experts have years of experience in identifying and uncovering fraud patterns and entry points in vulnerable IT systems and processes. In addition to detecting criminal offenses, protecting the integrity of the evidence is very important as the data must be admissible in court.

Who can we help?

We help all companies, no matter the size or industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to reliably identify security gaps, reconstruct the course of the incident and contain an attack that is still in progress.

Our experts will help you with:

QUANTUM cyber lab AG has the technical infrastructure and the qualifications to detect and carry out digital forensics with the required confidentiality. Our digital forensic experts analyze the incident using the most modern means and prepare usable reports in court.

Every company is vulnerable 

Hackers target small and medium-sized companies. The non-profit alliance "Germany Safe on the Net" published a study according to which twelve percent of the medium-sized companies surveyed fear for their own existence due to cyber attacks - important data was lost, production processes were sabotaged and led to an enormous financial burden.

“We are seeing an additional digitization of medium-sized companies, which is gaining momentum due to Corona. This creates additional attack surfaces, which further increase the need to catch up on secure IT solutions and precautions ”, Michael Littger, Managing Director of “Deutschland sicher im Netz” (DsiN) 

If a cyber attack is detected, most companies react without a hitch. In such a situation, however, it is important to immediately seek advice from experienced experts in order to prevent the worst case from happening. 

Feel free to contact us if you notice a specific incident. This could include:

Contact us IMMEDIATELY in case of suspicion! Every second counts. We can reliably tell you whether your suspicions are justified and prevent the worst in case of emergency.

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