Convince yourself of the advantages of a cooperation with us 

International network  

Through an international network to ethical hacker teams, cyber security companies and various investigative agencies, such as federal and state criminal investigation departments, we are well informed about criminal hackers.  

In-depth research  

A superficial screening can easily miss crucial things. That's why we screen in great depth to prevent a criminal hacker from infiltrating your company.  

Why a background check and screening of personnel?  

Background checks are important screening elements and decision-making bases to avoid hiring criminal hackers and members of criminal organizations as employees. They protect companies and individuals from potential harm.  

Hiring new employees in companies is dangerous, because from time to time criminal hacker organizations manage to infiltrate employees into companies in order to carry out cyber attacks from the inside, which could have horrifying consequences. To minimize such risks, Quantum Cyber Lab AG offers background checks and screenings for employees. By means of in-depth searches for information in public and non-public sources as well as in the environment, information is obtained. This information is checked for truthfulness, completeness and stringency and summarized in a confidential report.  

How and what we check during a background check and screening?  

  • Verification of affiliation with criminal organizations  
  • Verification of criminal activities on the Darknet  
  • Existence of criminal offenses and preliminary proceedings (obtaining and viewing of the applicant's/employee's extended certificate of good conduct)  
  • Verification of residential address (address investigation/ EMA/ on-site check)  
  • Verification of application documents/ employer check/ references  
  • Investigation in compliance databases (PEP list check)  
  • Networking check of contacts  
  • Thorough credit check (enforcement report)  

Do you have questions about background checks and screenings? Or general questions about our products and services? Do not hesitate and contact our specialists. We will be happy to help you in detail to achieve the best possible protection of your data.