... or digital forensics are used to preserve evidence, assess or restore lost data in a variety of different areas.

QUANTUM cyber lab AG has the technical infrastructure and the qualifications to carry out IT forensics with the necessary confidentiality. Regardless of the devices or storage media being examined, our digital forensic experts can use the most modern means to analyze data or create usable copies in court. The result of our work is an expert opinion that can be used in court.

Areas of application:

  • Restoring private or company data
  • Preservation of evidence or investigating criminal offenses
  • Support in the event of security incidents
  • M&A processes

As experts in this field, we know the steps you immediately need to take in the event of security incidents. Call us immediately if you suspect an incident!

QUANTUM Cyber Lab is committed to uncovering the story behind all digital evidence. Digital forensics is the cornerstone of digital security and digital continuity for corporate mergers, data backup, employee misconduct incidents, fraud, security breaches or corporate compliance violations. We combine the science of digital forensics with the art of investigation to identify, interpret, and translate digital evidence into meaningful results. We give voice to digital evidence. Quantum Cyber Lab's forensics experts ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked and assist in all phases of a digital forensics investigation.

Call record analysis.

Our analysts combine multiple data sets to provide you with clear conclusions regarding call pattern analysis, cell usage, handset/SIM exchanges, and handset movement.

Call record analysis can provide critical digital evidence.

Call data record (CDR) analysis can be invaluable in establishing relationships between defendants or determining broader locations, such as the city in which a call was made or received. Geographic location can also be more accurately determined by analyzing cell phone locations.

  • Call records
  • Call record analysis identifies calls made and received and provides the following data.
    • Date of the call
    • Time of the call
    • Duration of the call
    • The number from which the call originated (outgoing)
    • The number answering the call (terminating)
    • IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identification Number
    • CI - identification number of the location

Why Quantum Cyber Lab?

Quantum Cyber Lab's Call Data Record Analysis (CDR) expertise is based on more than a decade of digital forensics experience. We are also proud to have leading industry experts at our disposal, including former military forensic investigators using the latest forensic software.

Digital Media Investigations

Digital Media Investigations can identify digital evidence that is critical to your criminal defense case.

Digital Media Investigations

It is common for computers and cell phones to be examined by digital forensics experts in order to use the data in criminal defense and prosecution. However, there are also a number of more obscure investigative techniques that you, as a criminal lawyer, may not be aware of. The large amounts of data contained in social media profiles can often be critical to an investigation, whether it is for law enforcement, criminal defense, or an internal investigation at a company. We can build protections against the prosecution's report, analyze and comment on strategy protocols prepared by the prosecution, and comment on disclosures of evidence that have not yet been served.

  • Analyze social media (including posts, comments, messages, images, videos).
  • Identification and analysis of IP addresses
  • Query of the router
  • Conducting wi-fi surveys and commenting on the assignment of IP addresses
  • Analysis of the cell phone
  • Investigations in the context of open source research
  • Criticism of police digital evidence
  • Analysis and commentary on policy protocols prepared by the prosecutor's office
  • Cell site analysis
  • WiFi surveys and investigations.

A more hidden aspect of digital forensics, WiFi investigations can provide important digital evidence. The data that can be obtained from a WiFi investigation can match a person to a specific location, similar to cell site analysis, but more precise. A WLAN investigation at a location can also test coverage areas and determine if a connection could have been possible from outside an address where a router was located. Physical router analysis can be used to view logs that may confirm that a device was connected to the network at a particular time.

Open Source Investigation

Open source investigations can capture digital evidence from online sources, including detailed profiles of individuals, companies, and websites. Our experts can document this information in a straightforward and jargon-free manner, ensuring accurate reporting that can be used in court. If you have an investigation that requires some form of online analysis, Quantum Cyber Lab's digital media investigators have the expertise to assist you.

Social and digital media investigations

The proliferation of social media platforms and applications has led to an increase in digital evidence in a variety of criminal investigations. Quantum Cyber Lab's digital media investigators are experienced in conducting a range of complex investigations to gather digital evidence, provide expert witness testimony, and produce detailed court-ready reports.

Corporate Investigations

Our digital media investigations are not limited to criminal investigations. Quantum Cyber Lab investigators are regularly retained by companies to assist them with employee investigations, data theft, compliance and risk management.

Incident response

Quantum Cyber Lab has a fully security vetted Incident Response Team comprised of former military experts who are on call to respond to incidents. They are experienced in responding to search and seizure warrants, last minute instructions and data recovery using forensically sound methods. We operate internationally and provide a fast and effective response to ensure the preservation of evidence, which is critical to the success of any investigation examining digital evidence.

Indecent Images

Experts in the identification, extraction and analysis of indecent images in cases involving legal assistance.

Expertise in digital forensics

Quantum Cyber Lab is a leader in digital forensics, supporting law firms that specialize in criminal cases. We are experts in identifying, extracting, and analyzing indecent images from computers, cell phones, and hard drives for defense.