The IT security audit enables you to perform quality assurance and inventory from the perspective of security experts. The audit determines the maturity of your security management system based on the NIST CSF and also checks the GDPR compliance of your company. With us you will learn to evaluate your own security standards and to avoid threats by raising your ISMS to an appropriate level if necessary.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Recognize possible security gaps and weak points through the IT security audit
  • We check and test the security of your personal data
  • Receive a comprehensive report on your current status with subsequent recommendations for action
  • You will learn to evaluate your own security standards
  • Receive one overview of the maturity level of your ISMS
  • We check existing security mechanisms
  • Detect resulting threats and prevent them

A cybersecurity audit is designed to be a comprehensive review and analysis of your organization's IT infrastructure. It identifies threats and uncovers vulnerabilities and high-risk practices. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation can result in steep penalties in the event of a breach that taps into data. A cybersecurity audit helps mitigate the consequences of such a breach and demonstrate that your company has taken the necessary steps to protect customer and company data. Quantum Cyber Lab's cybersecurity specialists can advise you on the best course of action to significantly improve your cyber resilience, secure your data and protect your business in the following areas.

Quantum Cyber Lab's experts are here for all your cybersecurity audit services:

  1. vulnerabilityassessment
  2. datasecurity
  3. riskmanagement
  4. cyberrisk management
  5. legal andregulatoryrequirements
  6. businesscontinuity
  7. configurationand compliance audits
  8. incidentmanagement
  9. trainingand security awareness
  10. securitycontrols
  11. cybersecurityaudit overview.

Who is the cybersecurity audit for?

Quantum Cyber Lab Cybersecurity Audits are a valuable tool for organizations that have not yet documented their internal and external risks, vulnerabilities and threats. It is also suitable for companies that have expanded and implemented various software and security controls, but are inevitably overwhelmed by the amount of data processed in daily communications.